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Arado Ar196


The Arado Ar.196 was the most commonly used German seaplane of the Second World War.  Employed primarily as a coastal reconnaissance aircraft, it later served as an anti-submarine aircraft and convoy escort. Deployed aboard the German Navy's most famous battleships, the 196 was often the eyes of the German fleet. Used during the Bismarck engagement as well as by the ill-fated Graf Spee, the Arado came to symbolise the German Navy's reconnaissance capabilities.
The Bismarck was equipped with four Arado Ar196 aircraft for reconnaissance, patrol missions, and artillery spotting. The aircraft were launched on a catapult that could be extended beyond the ship's sides. After completing a mission, the aircraft landed on the water and was then lifted aboard by one of the big 12-ton cranes.
Speed: 199mph
Wingspan: 12.43m
Length 10.95m
Armament: 2 x 20mm cannons, 3 x 7.9mm machine guns, 2 x 110lb bombs

Model Scale 1:72
Number of Parts 43
Dimensions (mm) L152 x W173
Requires Painting Yes
Paints Required for this model
29 Dark Earth
31 Slate Grey
32 Dark Grey
33 Matt Black
60 Scarlett
61 Flesh
53 Gunmetal
65 Aircraft Blue
66 Olive Drab
91 Black Green
121 Pale Stone
149 Foliage Green
154 Insignia Yellow

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